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Top Ranking Sexiest Models

Pozycje od 1 do 5

Top Ranking Najsexowniejszych miejsca od 1 do 5

5. Karolina Kurkova / DNA / Viva Model Management

Miss Kurkova jest jak spacerowanie, pełna bezpieczeństwa i luzu ...

She could strip her name down to the initials and people would know KK meant Karolina Kurkova. Classic and quirky, sleek yet curvy, upbeat and ambitious. Miss Kurkova is like a walking, talking blue chip stock.

Karolina Kurkova - Karolina GQ May 2004 Cover
Karolina GQ May 2004 Cover

4. Tyra Banks / (No agency)

Super Modelka Ameryki ... Tyra Banks, nie jest po prostu modelką - jest amerykańskim symbolem ...

When will to power comes packaged in a body like this, then what you have is manifest destiny. For the evidence of this consult America's Next Top Model which, now that it is becoming a global franchise clocks her the kind of dollars that just might make an Oprah of Tyra. Then there is her incredible long distance run as a Victoria's Secret spokesmodel. Tyra... Banks. It's not just a name anymore, it's a job description.

Tyra Banks -

3. Adriana Lima / DNA

Adriana pracuje dla Maybelline, Victoria's Secret i Telecom Italia Mobile, pozowała też na przykład do kalendarza Pirelli...

Hailing from Bahia Brazil, this smouldering beauty is a major triple threat with big bonanza contracts for Maybelline, Victoria's Secret and Telecom Italia Mobile (think "the Verizon of Italy"). And have you seen her turn in the new Pirelli calender by Demarchelier? She is the definition of exquisite!
Adriana Lima - Adriana on the Victoria's Secret Catalog Cover
Adriana on the Victoria's Secret Catalog Cover

2. Gisele Bundchen / IMG

Piękna, uwodzicielska ... Jest bohaterką dla wszystkich Brazylijczyków :-)!

Viva La Gisele. She of the cascading hair, the shimmering skin, the impossible body and the effervescent personality. Then add the biggest Victoria's Secret contract in history and the Hollywood matinee idol companion and you have to confess the woman has the whole kit! She is a Brazilian national hero for a reason.
Gisele Bundchen - Gisele for Time magazine supplement, spring 04
Gisele for Time magazine supplement, spring 04

1. Heidi Klum / IMG

Wulkan Sexu i najlepiej opłacana modelka świata ...

Project Runway with an audience in the millions. Check. A Victoria Secret's contract that Miss Klum has an iron grip on. Check. Her own line of shoes, jewelry and candy. Check. The icon they call Heidi Inc. is no mere sexy mortal this one, but a force of nature. All hail.
Heidi Klum - Heidi for GQ cover, October 2004
Heidi for GQ cover, October 2004
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