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Top Ranking Sexiest Models

Pozycje od 11 do 15

Top Ranking Najsexowniejszych miejsca od 15 do 10

15. Fernanda Tavares / Mega Model Agency

SuperModelka, Brazilijka, pracuje dla całej plejady znanych firm: L'Oreal, H&M, Nine West, Dolce y Gabbana ... Napisać piękna, to za mało :-)

One of the most gorgeous of the Brazilians, Fernanda Tavares is a model in perpetual motion running from the sets of L'Oreal (a contract client of hers), The Gap, H&M and Nine West. And to seal the deal, she is the Dolce y Gabbana underwear model and MTV Brazil presenter as well as a runway favorite for ever sexy Versace.
Fernanda Tavares - Fernanda by Steven Meisel for Dolce & Gabbana
Fernanda by Steven Meisel for Dolce & Gabbana

14. Marisa Miller / IMG


Niebezpieczne piękne ciało ... Wybrana na twarz znanego miesięcznika Sport Illustrated. Przykład "zdrowego" sexu...

Sports Illustrated has signed on, as has Victoria's Secret. Mario Testino even joined her band of admirers at one point making Marisa Miller one of the biggest breakout starts of that market. A gorgeous, glowing healthy beauty on a beach playing volleyball? Marisa's on the case!
Marisa Miller - Marissa Miller for Shape magazine
Marissa Miller for Shape magazine

13. Noemie Lenoir / Elite New York

Jedna z najpiękniejszych śniadych modelek świata ... Nic więcej nie trzeba do tego dodawać ...

This firebrand of a beauty scorched her way into market consciousness five years ago with ads for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and The Gap. Hailing from Versailles, the Franco-African beauty once notably stated "Being sexy is a game." Point, game, set and match Miss Lenoir!
Noemie Lenoir - Noemie for Victoria's Secret
Noemie for Victoria's Secret

12. Naomi Campbell / 1 Mgmt / Premier Model Management


Sex Modelka wszech czasów :-)

That body! Dear God, that body! It has made grown men cry, editors sigh and fellow models fume but when all is said and done, Naomi Campbell is one of the sexiest models of all times.

Naomi Campbell - Naomi for ID magazine
Naomi for ID magazine

11. Carolyn Murphy / IMG


Kolejna twarz znanego miesięcznika, symbol sexu i blond wdzięku ...

If you should trace the secret history of Carolyn Murphy, from her David Sims ad for Prada, where she had that severe crop through to her flourishing as the elegant face of Estee Lauder you would see that "chameleon shifts" was always the name of her game. Now with the 2005 SI cover Carolyn has made it clear that she can be every inch as sexy as any model on the block.
Carolyn Murphy - Carolyn Murphy for Sports Illustrated, March 05
Carolyn Murphy for Sports Illustrated, March 05
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