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Ranking Top Models Agencies -

Poniżej zestawienie 10 najlepszych Nowojorskich Agencji Modelek!

Miejsca od 1 do 7, firmy uplasowały się w zestawieniu na tych samych pozycjach! :-) Zestawienie i opis w języku angielskim.

1. IMG

Breaking Faces: Daria, Gemma Ward, Diana Dundoe, Jessica Stam, Madeline

Stars: Gisele, Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Bridget Hall, Liya



PRO: On every platform imaginable, IMG dominates the spectrum of the NY modeling industry. From editorial visibility in the slickest magazines to the bi-annual fashion and cosmetic campaigns to lucrative catalogues, IMG's ambition towards monopoly is manifest. They have the most stars, both editorial and mass market, as well as the New Faces division that has recently posited the best performances via sensations like Daria and Gemma Ward. IMG is a consistent, professional and aggressive operation that works tirelessly for both model and client. This is why IMG stands as the one true blue chip agency in the business.

CON: The ambition is indeed towards monopoly but the recent velocity achieved at DNA effectively blocks that. The big question is, what price IMG is willing to pay for being the top in the game. And for how long will the operation pay that price? Being the best at what they do has made IMG a target and naysayers seem to be plotting night and day to see a breach in this very high wall. And indeed the day may come when the wall might crack but ill-will has yet to lure a major girl away from their supercharged board. But all that has nothing to do with the essential question of which agency is best positioned to take you, a total beginner to the ultimate heights of this industry. That is unequivocally IMG. Just ask Tyra Banks.

SCOUTING CALL: Whenyou sign with IMG what you get is a total career assessment. Goals areset and a cohesive plan is put in place to get you the top of themodeling business, and more importantly, keep you there. More than atany other agency, "management" in all its implications is engaged toits fullest potential. That makes it the No 1 choice for any aspiringmodel.

2. DNA

Breaking Faces: Hana, Marija, Missy Rayder, Kim Noorda, Ben Grimes

Stars: Amber, Linda, Stella, Karolina, Natalia



PRO: This you have to hand to DNA. They are, right this second, an impeccable agency. They have not compromised their quality control, not undersold a single girl and have managed to stock a model board that even the most dismissive of clients has to contend with on a daily basis. By obsessively nursing their high-end relationships with Conde Nast and a small circle of the industry's most powerful photographers they are every inch as elite, select and successful as they want to be. This is great news for those lucky new models that they take on. She might want to feel privileged at being selected by DNA because they deliberately scout only a few girls at a time. And DNA has indeed been delivering great management results on Hana, Marija and Kim Noorda. The lifetime dream of the Bonnouvriers to host the chicest agency in NY (or in David Bonnouvrier's words "The Miramax of modeling biz") has indeed come true in all its manifestations.

CON: Thinking multi-media, movies, music? This is not the place to pursue the agenda. DNA is a high fashion ship and sails defiantly in that one direction, whatever the industry trends to the contrary. It's a brave decision as all the agencies that graduated to the status of viable brands diversified their boards and in many ways transcended the whims of high fashion. Importantly, high fashion isn't what it used to be (maybe that's why it's high fashion). The designer campaigns have gone multiple-girl. There are celebrities still biting into the bulk of campaigns and covers that supermodels need to justify their existence and there are dark legal clouds hovering the whole NY modeling scene. But that's about what might be. What's true for now is Bonnouvrier has managed to hold a board full of star agents together at one table for almost two years now. That in itself is formidable. DNA is without question the strongest boutique scale operation in NY.

SCOUTING CALL:The red hot results speak for themselves. DNA can clearly market a newmodel to the best of the best. If you see yourself as being an ultraexclusive Vogue girl, a Calvin Klein face or a Versace couturecatwalker then this is the NY destination for you.


3. Women (Tied)

Breaking Faces: Caroline Winberg, Heather Marks, Natasha, Jaunel, Nicole Trunfio.

Stars: Carmen Kass, Isabeli, Julia Stegner, Louise Pederson


Ana Claudia
Julia Stegner

PRO: For all the turmoil, Women is cutting edge fashion and cutting edge fashion is Women. Women may have a scheme to go global and corporate but the unique asset of the organization is that no company in NY has ever worked that edge like company founder Paul Rowland. For sheer love of the imagery, for an instinctive ability to turn a boring girl into a fashion firebrand, for the honest and organic ability to produce a new and exciting aesthetic, nobody beats the Women team. The considerable time and expense sunk into building Women-Supreme's global scouting system has yielded consistent results with the nearest competition in this regard being IMG. With major new girls like Louise Pederson, Julia Stegner, Caroline Winberg and Natasha hitting every season for four seasons in a row, it's this wave that represents the future. What that means for you the aspiring model is that if Women/Supreme scouts you, rest assured their bookers are going to be relentless in their drive to get you to the top. You want total attention? This is the place to get it.

CON: The model exodus of the last year from Women must be wearying but such is pack mentality of the modeling industry. It's almost as if it became, for a certain body of Women models, the fashionable thing to bolt. It puts tremendous pressure on those fresh faces sprouting from Supreme to keep the agency stocked and viable. It means girls like Julia and Louise have to be marketed at an even more aggressive rate than ever before. In other words if you are hungry and ambitious and want to move on the fast track, then this is the agency for you. The irony is Women with its top edge poached is still stronger than most NY agencies running on full cylinders. And that goes back to the question of that quirky, personal, emotional tastepoint. They may pick this agency to the bone but they can never replicate that unique and essential tastepoint.

SCOUTING CALL: Oddly enough nowis possibly the best time in the history of the agency to sign withWomen. All the parties involved have something to prove. Which is thatWomen has the ruthless ability to package another suite of stars toreplace the ones they recently lost.. And viciousness and hunger arethe keywords for surviving the current NY climate. If approachedsigning here is a must-do, for both parties in fact.


Caroline Trentini

3. Marilyn (Tied)

Breaking Faces: Caroline Trentini, Dasha, Michele Buswell, Valentine, Cynthia Dicker.

Stars: Helena Christensen, Caroline Ribiero, Fernanda Tavares, Sophie Dahl, Ai

PRO: The past six months has seen a bumper crop of hot new girls pouring out of Marilyn onto the pages of Vogue and W, the campaigns of Prada and Ralph Lauren as well as just about every significant runway in sight. The wheels in motion at Marilyn are certainly spinning in the right direction reflecting some certifiably magnificent scouting. In addition these major new finds are nicely positioned for a long run.

CON: Was the explosion of Caroline Trentini, Dasha, Michele Buswell and Valentine a two season fluke, or does this surge represent the future? That is the question at hand. These girls are now inarguably on the map. Now the challenge is to get them to stick to that ever-shifting map. That said the Paris office remains powerful and lucrative. The Marilyn agents have an impeccable reputation for honesty and integrity. If they stay the current course and attract two or three major names then this could represent a major shift in the NY power agency alignment.

SCOUTING CALL: They're honest, loyal and squeakyclean at Marilyn. A mother with a very beautiful daughter would want tosign here and feel secure that her child is being properly looked afterin all regards.

Rie / Numero Cover

4. 1 Management (Tied)

Breaking Faces: Mor, Amina, Nakiesha Robinson

Stars: Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Rie Rasmussen, Liberty Ross, Liz Jagger

PRO: Almost overnight, 1 Management has developed a glamour quotient that many veterans would kill for. Not only has agency President Scott Lipps lured the likes of Naomi and Eva to his camp, he has devoted a lot of energy and ingenuity to diversifying and reinforcing their careers. That is a very shrewd move, giving 1 Management room for significant business expansion into the full service game as it matures into being a fixture There is a focus and drive here that indicates that this company will be a major force to be reckoned with in the next two years.

CON: The superstar divas and established faces who have flocked to the agency require full time attention (as well they should, given the scale of the checks they bring in). While the 1 Management team's focus has not wavered, it's clearly a challenge to maintain a double game on the superstars as well as the new faces. As a result in terms of New Faces, the FW04 season represented a transition period for this agency where its best possibilities are still in development. That makes S/S 05 a major challenge for this maverick but with an audacious new girl (and that could be you) the blade that is 1 Management again becomes double-edged.

SCOUTING CALL: President Scott Lipps is thesingle hungriest and most ambitious agent in NY right this second.Since 1 is a young boutique the girl best suited to sign here is amodel with a game plan for major level stardom. If you have that fire,then you will have an agency willing to match you step for step in yourquest for world domination.

Rianne / Versace

4. Elite (Tied)

Breaking Faces: Susan Eldridge, Ana, Emina

Stars: Rianne, Dewi

PRO: Elite is an agency that in its 30 years of existence has processed over 5 million bookings. That's an awful lot of phone calls. Elite also boasts one of, if not THE single most powerful scouting network on the planet. Just look at the consistent results of the Elite Model Look contests that have yielded in recent years such breakout stars as Linda V, Rianne and Dewi. A massive array of clients call Elite everyday looking for a massive array of models. Its merchandising wing is the most visible and effective in the business. The upshot? As one of the two most recognizable brand names in the business Elite has the experience, connections and know how to make you any kind of star you wish to be, editorial or commercial.

CON: Chapter 11 never creates a very good perception and Elite's decision to pursue that option in thwarting two sticky legal suits created waves of confusion. The core truth is it seems unlikely Elite NY is going to dissolve anytime soon, as a steady line of alarmists seems to think. In all this supposed turmoil, not a single significant girl has exited Elite given the fact that the Elite girls are quite used to those checks issued every Friday. All that said however, until the Chapter 11 proceedings are over and done with, alarmists will keep sounding Elite NY's death knell. Premature and wishful as it is.

SCOUTING CALL: With anetwork like that and a staff of experienced and competent agents whoknow how to work the "editorial grid" signing with Elite is ano-brainer. And since nature abhors a void, perhaps you are that nextsuperstar ready to set things right. One never discounts a grand master.

5. Next (Tied)

Breaking Faces: Anna J, Kamilla S, Lisa Davies, Yasmin,

Stars: Petra Nemcova, Filipa, Jessica Miller, Molly Sims


Jessica Miller / Numero Cover

PRO: Next is without question, one of the wealthiest and best managed companies in the business. Not a vanity production but a business with a capital B. With an amazing scouting to management ratio that has yielded contracts for, Filipa and Jessica Miller, there is no doubt that Next knows how to break a new campaign star with the best of them. In fact the way the Next machine will align itself behind that one formidable girl to make her an editorial star is a sight to behold, especially in the form of Next alumni like Natasha V and Elise Crombez. When it comes to client relationships and alliances, Next Management is very discreet about its leverage but all the more powerful because of it. Faith Kates is one of the toughest negotiators around and with her on your side, you will work and at an impressive day rate.

CON: The Next machine is totally flawless in making that new star. Keeping her has been problematic recently. The girl rises to the top and some super-cool competition sweeps her away. It doesn't really phase the bottom line of the operation which is swimming in lucrative catalogue capital. But there's a constant struggle with "high image" bookings to counterbalance the big money commercial bookings that keeps Next rolling in cash. Yes it's a shallow question of image and perception, but alas fashion still remains a business of thin images and shallow perceptions.

SCOUTING CALL: Any new model scouted by thiscompany should grab the offer. The one-two punch delivered theWilkenfeld/Kates team is unmatched in the business.


5. Ford (Tied)

Breaking Faces: Lilliane, Lydia Hearst, Cameron, Remy, Juliana

Stars: Veronica Webb, Tilda Swinton, Vivien Solari, Jodie Kidd, Stephanie Seymour


Lydia Hearst / Vogue Italia

PRO: From the early SS/05 signals, there is a major high-editorial resurgence brewing for this legendary agency. Ford's commercial divisions are so lucrative, editorial imaging has always been in many ways the icing on the cake of their business structure. But the A-list bookings that Lydia Hearst, Liliane and Cameron have been attracting have shown that this wealthy icon can get down and funky with the new editorial kids too.

CON: It's happened before, this surge of ultra-cool high editorial beauties, in those days when Karen Elson, Maggie Rizer and Erin O'Connor ruled the Ford roost. But whatever the circumstances that led these girls and others of their caliber to bolt, the Ford team will have to invest in a bond with these major new breaking faces that makes the girls feel like no other option could be better. They have the money, the wisdom and the power to achieve exactly that.

SCOUTING CALL: It is Ford, at the end of theday. Names like that are worth their weight in gold and the Fordscouting infrastructure is so aggressive and formidable, they'reprobably looking at your portfolio even as we speak.


6. New York Model Management

Breaking Faces: Anne-Marie, Brigette, Julie H, Renee Dorski

Stars: Leticia, Omahyra, Clara Benjamin


Leticia / Pop cover

PRO: They're small and vigorous and fight to get their girls on the map with a consistency that is a new model's dream come true. Owner Heinz Holba's ambition is a lot more aggressive than most might have presumed as he already has one of the most active new US Model Searches in motion, as well as big plans for the future of this high-editorial shop.

CON: What does NY Models mean in terms of identity? It's still a little nebulous as these days are the days where "edgy and cool" have over-ran the market. It's so much so that a girl like Lily Cole can actually be lodged in US Vogue without benefit of a NY agency. That's quite a wake-up call as it indicates that the NY based clients have gone global when casting their nets. For NY Models to be a true power player, they need to cover the whole spectrum now. That means luring some Big Name girls, the massive money models as well as the incredibly cool girl they consistently develop here.

SCOUTING CALL: If "unique"is your calling card, then a passionate and hardworking body of agentsare on standby to push and promote you with every erg of their energy.


7. Vision (Tied)

Breaking Faces: Marina, Adriana, Sophia, Marta

Stars: Kim Peers, Roos, Hannelore



PRO: In the past year this ambitious up and comer has expanded to offices in LA and consolidated its holdings in Belgium, making it clear where the power axis of Vision lies. Importantly, Vision has a very clear, very clean brand identity. As long as there are clients like Prada, Jil Sander, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein and Helmut Lang, the need for the intellectual chic aesthetic that Vision flagshipped remains valid. Vision has all the variables it needs to dominate the niche it's marked out for itself.

CON: Intellectual chic alone will not pay the bills and so the challenge for Vision is to expand that very clear idea into a more diverse point of view. A male model like Alexis who is one of Vision's hottest properties right this second is surely a step in the right direction. The thrill of the new may have worn off but company owner Christina Park has been shrewd in seeding multiple scouting relationships from Brazil to Belgium. All she has to do now is wait for some of those faces in development to hit and it could be just like the glory days all over again.

SCOUTING CALL: Theconcept of Vision remains brilliant. If you want to be very highfashion and ultra selective put Vision NY high on your list of covetedagencies.


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